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Aegean Slim - Luxury Pool Coatings

Aegean Slim is a sealing and finishing system that offers durability and a perfect aesthetic effect in many shades. The cutting -edge solution in the pool waterproofing process. We use advanced technology of waterproofing materials that are combined. This enables you to protect both the new and existing construction projects from water damage, enhancing the durability and longevity of your investment.

Building a house is a dream we all share. Huge care and effort go on the design, construction and decoration of a home, making it critical not to compromise on protecting your investment. Water damage is a primary issue faced by homeowners due to design deficiencies and inadequate protection. This problem is widespread in soil pools, which are sensitive to damage to pressure and water penetration.

With Aegean Slim, apply a protective layer on the pool shell. The variety of finishing options (24 shades) ensures the best aesthetic surfaces and we guarantee that your pool will remain safe from wear for years, while maintaining the virgin appearance of Aegean Slim. The system is certified for contact with drinking water, has a 10 -year warranty and the pool can stay without water for a long time.

What is Aegean Slim?

We create beautiful pool finishes that are durable and shiny. New technology allows both creativity and utility. You should never choose between luxurious aesthetics and state of the art protection. Whether you are looking for the last step to complete a new project or need to renovate an old construction, Aegean Slim with high sealing technology is one that offers protection from hard chemicals and water permeability. Whether you are investing in a new construction project or upgrading an existing one, Aegean Slim is the only system that can provide excellent performance. With the waterproofing services we offer, it is certain that you can safe your property from the damage caused by water.

Aegean Slim is a system consisting of epoxy surface and a cementitious membrane that has high adhesive properties, highly durable, flexible, and was designed to create an impenetrable obstacle against water permeability. This makes Aegean Slim ideal for sealing a wide range of concrete surfaces, with its primary application being a protective coating for pools on the ground.

Invest in the integrated protection of your pool, luxurious aesthetics and effective functionality with Aegean Slim.

Who we are;

We are a group of experts who understand the need for waterproofing. The best alternative to pool coatings we offer, is not only for the look but also for the long duration of time and perfect functionality. We know what it takes to create a lasting project and at the same time to be functional and beautiful. The products you choose must work for you, not the other way around. With Aegean Slim, we think we will do the best for your investment.

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