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About Us

Finikis Pisines, with trade name (AEGEAN POOLS) was founded in 2001 by Finikis Vladimiros and specializes in the construction of prefabricated swimming pools.

With 23 years experience, Finikis Vladimiros and his associates offer high standard services and this is evidenced by our large and happy clients.

Our headquarters is in Metamorfosi Attica.

On our official website you will find remarkable pools with a focus on Thermal Blok, which is a high quality concrete prefabricated pool and also you can find a full range of pool and jacuzzi equipment at the best prices on the market.

Finally, you will find a special section with the disadvantages and advantages per each pool category in order to decide which construction is ideal for you.

For more information contact us at: 2102824028 and 6932259715