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POOL - REVOLUTION 7.00 X 3.00 = 9.000€

  • The REVOLUTION pool came to revolutionize the field of prefabricated swimming pools. It is available in five standard dimensions.


  • The walls of the pool actually consist of prefab concrete panels and incide the pooll there is Liner.
  • The outside of the pool is filled directly.
  • You don't need wall support structures like you do with cheap in-ground metal pools.
  • The final budget is competitive with even the cheapest metal pools and at the same time you get a serious and reliable construction.
  • The ideal solution for professionals with Airbnb homes, for hotels and individuals.
  • It is superior in quality compared to metal and polyester pools on the market because the walls do NOT corrode.



  • The pool is delivered complete and the price includes the following:
  • The panels
  • The Liner
  • Lighting
  • INOX ladder (316)
  • All built-in components
  • The engine room
  • All electromechanical equipment for water recirculation
  • Installation work


  • The price does not include the following:
  • VAT, excavation, base concrete.



  • Contact us at: 210.2824028 & 6932259715 and REQUEST A DETAILED QUOTE TODAY
First of all, we thanking you for the interest you show in our company and we would like to inform you that the pool we suggest is the best prefabricated construction on the market. Although the pool belongs to the category of prefabricated pools that issue small-scale licenses, it nevertheless..
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