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The NanoFiber filter is self-cleaning thanks to a sophisticated network of nanofibres, which is able to filter particles of between 5 and 8 microns, and it prevents the device from getting clogged up with dirt.
One of the device’s great advantages is that it is easy to clean. The self-cleaning system on top of the main body has a lever that can be turned manually or automatically.
NanoFiber filter range:
– Manual NanoFiber. By fitting a manual selector valve, the filter self-cleans by manually turning it.
– Automatic NanoFiber. The self-cleaning function is automated, but the degree of automation will depend on the selector valve fitted. With an automatic selector valve, cleaning the filter is totally automatic, whilst with a manual selector valve, the cleaning mode is activated by pressing the button on top of the filter, which will run the self-cleaning system for two minutes.
· Lower water consumption • Filtered water of a higher quality • Compact • Compatible with current filter and pump systems in the market.

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